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Although horse riding is enjoyable, it's not exactly the safest of sports, however any risk of hurting yourself can be greatly reduced by wearing the correct clothing and protection. The most important part of a rider's equipment is a riding hat, whether you fall off your horse and bang your head or hit your head on an unexpected low branch, your hat will greatly reduce injury. Hard hats come in a variety of styles and colours, but the safest in my opinion is the skull cap, it's not the prettiest of hats, but you can cover it with a silk to make it look like a more traditional riding hat.

Riding boots are an important part of clothing, there are the traditional long riding boots and the short ankle boots known as jodhpur boots. Both these types of boots are made narrowly as not to get stuck in the stirrups if you fall off.

Chaps are a type of trousers that are made of leather, suede or waterproof material, they are worn over your normal riding trousers and can be either full or half chaps, the half chaps only come up to below the knee or the full ones cover the whole of the legs. They keep you dry and warm and give your legs that little bit extra protection should you fall of your horse.

If you are going to ride on the public roads, fluorescent and high visibility clothing will help other road users see you from a distance and they will be prepared for you. It will also help for you to be seen when there is poor visibility due to bad weather or if it starts to get dark.

Body protectors are shaped like body warmers and are padded for your protection should you fall off your horse. They can be worn either under or over your normal clothing and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Riding gloves should have grip. They will help you keep hold of your reins as well as keeping your hands warm on a cold day. 



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